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Marble Tile Trivia – Where Does The Best Marble Come From?


For centuries, marble tiles were extensively utilized in rooms, areas and places that were noted for affluence. However, there is another aspect to the use of marble tiles that can be attributed to a more practical aspect. In locations where cleanliness and sanitation is vital, as they should be free of allergens and pathogens, marble has a history of notable use. Tiles like these can be found mostly in hospitals.

In areas where it is generally hot and humid, marble tiles provide for a refreshing and cool walking surface. This adds to the list of benefits that homeowners gain from using these tiles for flooring.

Marble Tiles Are Effective For Decorative Home Use

Like most natural stones, some marble is noted for its muted, earthy appeal, and used a means for creating subtle shading within an interior. Other varieties of marble are vibrant red, green, and other striking colors that serve as bold accents. However, before this decorative potential can be fully used as a tile flooring option, it must be quarried.

Marble varies in color and ranges from blurry, milky-white to gray and black, and some varieties have some shades of red, yellow, pink, green, or buff. The colors, which are generally created by the presence of a number of impurities, are mostly arranged in bands or patches, and adds to the exquisite nature of the stone when it is cut and polished.

Like all limestones, it is corroded by water and acid fumes, as such is considered uneconomical for use in exposed places and in large cities. The presence of certain impurities decreases its durability. This stone does not split easily into sheets or blocks of equal size and must be mined with extreme care.

Areas Where Good Marble Can Be Found

Marble is commonly mined in mountainous regions areas, using the quarrying method. This limestone is found in large quantities in Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, India and China. Aside from these sites, Marble is also quarried, in all parts of the world. In the United States, the best marble stocks come from the state of Vermont, which extracts large quantities. Other states that are regarded as marble producers are Massachusetts, Maryland, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, California, Colorado, and Arizona.

The status and appeal of marble tile has endured for centuries. One of the aspects for which marble is well-renowned is its role in the creation of exquisite, fine art. Overall, these materials are well-loved for their refined, elegant, decorative appeal. These stones are also known for its versatility in the production of works of art, which range from sculptures to monuments, wall tiles and floor tiles.

However, because of the different styles and designs that most people have associated with marble, no matter what application individuals have in mind, the result is often bound to be seen as a perfect artistic statement.

Today, marble tiles are finding wider and more unique applications, ranging from the choice of marble tile in bathrooms to the using marble tiles in hallways and lobbies of commercial buildings.

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