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Bamboo Home Decor


Bamboo home décor is a growing market. In the past decorative items made from bamboo have been reserved for homes that have specifically designed their homes around an Asian theme. Now bamboo home décor has transcended cultural design lines, and they are being used for just about every style.

First if you are trying to design an Asian themed room then bamboo home decor items can be a quick and easy way to achieve your design goals. You can use bamboo room dividers, bamboo wood shades, bamboo paneling, and coordinating bamboo furniture to tie your Asian them together. If you want to create a special Asian cultural look, such as Japanese, then you can add additional bamboo décor pieces that possess characteristics from that culture.

For other types of design styles you can use accent bamboo home décor pieces to add texture and style to your design. For example you can use a bamboo vase with colorful orchids to add color to your room, you can use bamboo frames to display family photos, or you can use bamboo candle holders to display your candle collection and to help add an ambient light source to your room. As you can see bamboo décor can be used as either the main design feature in your room or it can be used as a more subtle accent design feature. The important thing to remember when designing a room is to keep your pieces in balance. If you have several large pieces of bamboo furniture then you will want to use accessories that accent the size and shape of the furniture with taking away from their beauty and without fading into the background.


Source by Sarah Freeland

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